Hey, what happened to the website?

This site started out as the official website of the TO TREAT OR NOT TO TREAT symposium, which was hosted on June 20, 2018 in Arminius in Rotterdam, on the occasion of my PhD defence. The original goal of the site was thus met. However, the PhD defence was only the first peak of a  journey into clinical research, and will go on for quite some time. Therefore, this site will be like a travel journal for this exciting trip!

In the coming months, this site will undergo some transformations. The concept of the site will be a blog on real world clinical decision-making and data science, with articles on clinical epidemiology, data science and issues of conducting research in emergency and critical care medicine. This site is intended for clinicians, researchers, hospital administrators, students in the fields of medicine and health sciences, and basically anyone who is interested in clinical medicine and research.

Check back soon for updates!

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